Orthodontic treatments to put a smile back on your face

Apprehensive about people seeing metal braces on your teeth? Now we have alternative options to teeth straightening.

Here at Dunfermline Orthodontics we pride ourselves on the fact that we onlycarry out orthodontic treatments.

We have a variety of corrective dentistry treatments available to you, including discreet and hidden braces so nobody needs to know you're having work done on your teeth.

Orthodontic treatments available:

  • Braces - fixed metal braces
  • Invisible braces - fixed clear braces
  • Lingual braces - braces on the inner surface of the tooth
  • Invisalign - clear removable aligners
  • Retainers - fixed and removable retainers for wear after fixed braces
Can't decide whether to have braces fitted? Have you been referred for orthodontic treatment but are still a bit doubtful? Take a look at some of our patients' teeth and see the difference in their smile.
Dentist chair

Want straight teeth but don't want your mouth full of metal? Speak to us about Invisalign by calling
01383 720 310

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